Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

You CAN improve your thinking with cognitive training!

You can improve your overall effectiveness in life by enhancing how you think with the cognitive training program from the American Institute. We created and implemented a training plan that successfully improved the effectiveness of a battalion of the United State Marine Corps.

Thinking is a skill you can learn.

o     Improved, disciplined thinking will empower you and enrich your life.     

o     You can use your mind more effectively, develop your competence, achieve your potential, and change your life by working with the American Institute.

Cognitive Development Training for Business SuccessIn Business

As a high functioning executive or key manager you can leap beyond your current performance limits and become more effective and efficient as we improve your critical thinking.

As a result, you will make better decisions faster with less stress.

Cognitive Development Training for Academic SuccessIn Academics

Students at all levels learn faster and with greater ease to become critical thinkers, improve their grades and become more socially adept.

Cognitive Development Training for Athletic SuccessIn Athletics

Improving your critical thinking in sports enables you to break through barriers to reach new heights of performance.

Cognitive Recovery from PTSD and Head InjuriesIn Recovery

Cognitive training and neurofeedback therapy can help people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and head injuries regain functionality. They also offer a opportunity to treat ADD/ADHD without medication.


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