Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

Kevin Kane - Trader

When I started cognitive training I was arbitraging between Dow Jones futures on an electronic screen and the Dow futures trading on the floor of the exchange. Part of the benefit is what I expected; improved decision making and a shortened decision cycle. What I got that I didn’t expect was improved physical functioning. About a week after starting I was in a weight room doing bench press. My entire motion had changed. The new motion was much more efficient. I had been trying to attain this motion for years. This was my first evidence that Cognitive Training worked in ways I didn’t expect.

Since CT affects Meta-Programs, All function is improved. While it can not increase the terminal velocity of the eye (250 still images a second) it does increase the efficiency at which those images are processed in both rate and detail. As a result the continued simultaneous monitoring of 4 displays containing multiple markets and order entry software became much easier. Similarly hearing improved, I was able to glean improved levels information from the ‘back ground noise’ from the floor that I heard on the headset that connected me to the floor.

The result of this was increased income in an increasingly competitive market.

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