Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

Are You Looking for an Alternative to Medication for Treating ADD/ADHD?

There are effective alternatives. Medication merely treats the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and does resolve the problem. The medication helps relieve the symptoms for a while, but they return as the medication wears off. Medication at best is a temporary fix and we don't know the long term effects of taking the prescribed medications over a long period of time.

Neurofeedback and cognitive training can often produce permanent changes for the persons suffering from ADD/ADHD so that they can focus and get things done with a relaxed focus and be able to get good sleep at night.

Neurofeedback is a process in which the brain is given feedback directly so that it is able make the adjustment needed in brainwave activity that will allow a person to effectively focus during the day and get good sleep at night. There are several neurofeedback softwares being used today, some are more effective than others. We have found the LENS system to be the most effective for treating ADD/ADHD as well as for treating traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cognitive training is a series of brain exercises that build efficient new pathways in the brain and is very helpful in increasing a persons ability to stay focused and complete tasks effectively. People are taught to become very competent critical thinkers that includes the integration of their emotions with their thought processes.

In combination these two approaches can be very powerful in the treatment of ADD/ADHD as well as brain related problems

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