Improve your thinking with Cognitive training


Cognition is the process of thinking, or following accepted social conventions. Many of our cognitive skills are developed through modeling, primarily by parents, during the first six years of life. Any interruptions to input will effect the development of our efficient cognitive skills.

We do not all attain identical intellectual status. Any interruption to stimulus modeling input alters the development of clear thinking pathways. When properly established, these pathways allow us to perform in a socially appropriate manner.

Cognitive skill development can be stopped at any stage. Disruptions to our input at a very early age can result in considerable gaps in many areas of cognition.

Thinking or cognitive processes are interconnected. A “skill conflict” results when we have both under-developed and well-developed skills. The conflict creates emotional stress and over reactions. If left unsupported an individual will often respond emotionally rather than a more socially appropriate reaction. Emotional stress dissipates when our skills are balanced. Over time, we will reframe our beliefs about ourselves and develop a higher level of self esteem.

Once we assess an individual’s cognitive skills a consultant is then able to model the necessary skills and introduce a series of exercises intended to enhance specific inefficient skills, thus enabling you to improve your performance in the areas found most in need.

Once our cognitive skills begin to improve, we begin to change how we react to stimuli. As a result, we will have more alternatives in the moment to make more appropriate decisions in our own eyes and in the eyes of others.

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