Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

The Competitive Edge

Where is your competitive edge?
We believe it is in the minds of key employees. Are your key employees cutting edge leaders, thinkers and strategists developing and introducing new, profitable products and ideas each day? Or, are they following the same business methods day in and day out?
Competition gets tougher every day.
In this intense new global market, some experts believe the ultimate performance frontier is the efficiency of the human mind itself. Simply put, the leaders with sharper, smarter, more innovative thinking will be the ones who win.
Today, no one can afford to underutilize their employees’ minds.

Personal Effectiveness

At The American Institute of Learning, we help high-functioning business leaders identify and leap beyond their current performance limits to become more cognitively nimble. Once trained in functional cognition, they make faster, better decisions with much less stress.

What is Functional Cognition?

Most people don’t think about their thinking. And those who do usually focus on WHAT they think rather than HOW they go about thinking.
Yet we all possess unconscious mental templates, and we rely on them to filter our experiences and derive our decisions. These templates (and the skills to manipulate them) are the underpinning of functional cognition.

…and why does it matter?

Functional cognition is developed indirectly in early life through modeling and experiential learning. Foundational skills like motor integration, spatial awareness and analysis & synthesis become the basic building blocks we need to succeed as adults – at the office, at home and in the gym.
When cognitive skills are inefficient, performance problems and undue stress result. The AILCD offers proven methods to increase cognitive efficiency using clearly different methods of managing thinking and performance.
Individuals who maximize their cognitive efficiency are better able to:

  • bypass old thinking patterns and find new, efficient mental pathways,
  • access and apply prior learning,
  • boost mental capacity and attain breakthrough performance, and
  • undertake new learning and experiences with curiosity rather than dread

The Impact of Cognitive Training

Powerful. Relevant. Fast. This is what AILCD clients say about the experience of cognitive coaching. “I accomplish what I HAVE to do in much less time so I have more time to do what I WANT to do.” “I no longer have to worry about what I should or could have said in a conversation or meeting.” “This work is transformational.”
After a few weeks of training, our clients’ performance issues begin to fade, and they begin to achieve functional breakthroughs that other people notice and commend.
Cognitive coaching makes a difference in three areas:
Professional Achievement

Clients are more efficient at work. They spend less and less time on day-to-day administration as they efficiently accomplish it in much less time. They have a renewed interest and excitement in their work. Stress and procrastination begin to fade as clients improve their cognitive efficiencies.

Our training helps executives improve their business effectiveness in the following key areas:

  • Decision-making
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Business acumen
  • Information management
  • Organizational ability
  • Self-confidence
  • Effective relationships

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