Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

Helping Your Children Succeed in Life

Questions for parents


What are your roles as parents?

What are your biggest concerns when it comes to your children?

How does a child develop his/her thinking skills?

Interaction with the parents and the world

This interaction has changed dramatically in the last 60 years

Asset to Dependent 

Draw affect on the child’s brain

Development of boredom and addiction to excitement

Parents need to be child’s mentors and coaches not just a provider

Through Responsibilities

Through Play

How the brain develops and works

Develops basic skills from birth to 6 or 7.  These are programed pathways that become automatic or should be.

These skills are developed through interactions with parents while engaged in activities in life

The relationship with parents is crucial to these skills development

The development of these skills are the foundation of procedural skills that are learned in school

What else supports the development of these skills

  • Good food
  • Good nutritional supplements (Vitamins, mineral, fish oil)
  • Plenty of good water
  • Exercise
  • Creative play
  • Social interaction

Things to avoid

  • Refined and processed food
  • Corn syrup
  • Diet sodas with aspartame

Things to be managed

  • TV
  • Computer Games
  • Internet

Barriers to good development

  • Illnesses

  • Brain injury

  • Emotional and physical trauma

  • Confusing and chaotic environment


  • Stay in charge of your child’s education
  • Be involved with your child’s school activities and homework and projects


                  (Hand out homework paper)


         Be your child’s coach


Involve your child in your lives.  They are more interesting anyway.


         Have family meetings where you plan your week and teach them how to plan


         Play as a family


Activities that help develop good thinking skills


         Suggestions for parents


Questions and discussion


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