Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

Laying the Foundation

Most people are not familiar with some of our basic every day skills. They are often aren't aware of them because they haven't been explicitly taught, and what seems ingrained is in fact a skill that can taught and practiced. If these skills are inefficient they will require conscious energy when they should be automatic. This can have a serious effect on higher level skills, making them more difficult than they have to be. What follows is a list of basic skills and suggestions for how to practice them.

Shape Recognition Do line drawings
  Draw things around you
  Notice shapes in the environment
Direction or Orientation Read maps
  Learn to dance
  Do aerobics by following an instructor
  Do line drawings watching for the relationships of the lines
Classification and Categorization Do jigsaw puzzles, sorting all the pieces into groups before putting them together
  Sort things into groups
  Organize your closets or any other mess
  Sort your emails and word documents
  Organize your files and desk
Environmental Awareness Consciously notice things that you wouldn’t normally notice and note them in a notebook and then investigate those things.
  Find out what function they have and couldthey benefit or not
Analysis and Synthesis Take things apart and examine them
  Break down articles into their main ideas
  Break down task into individual steps
  Break problems down into individual ideas
Abstract Sequencing Do mensa puzzles
  Do Sudoku puzzles
  Do other brain teasing puzzles
  Visualize plans you have
Concrete Sequencing Do hobby activity
  Build models
  Learn a new game or sport
  Learn to play an instrument
Motor Integration Plan things out before you act
  Plan projects out in all the steps and procedures and visualize through the project before doing it to be sure that everything is planned thoroughly and well
Pattern Recognition Consciously note patterns in your life and in the lives of others
  Watch for patterns in traffic or weather
  If you play sports, watch for patterns of different players
Short-term Memory Play the card game “Concentration”
  Play the card game “Golf”
Tracking Play the computer game “Tetris”
  Do a budget and follow it
  Go to a forest preserve and track an animal (winter is a great time for this because of the snow)
Field discrimination Do “Where’s Waldo” type puzzles
  Do “Life Picture Puzzles”

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