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The Institute is working with students & their parents, businesses, athletes, and even the United States Marine Corps.  It is achieving remarkable results for all these individuals.  Poor students are becoming good students and good students are becoming great students.  Executives and their businesses are becoming more successful, athletes are improving their performance, and couples are improving how they relate to each other. 

The staff of the Institute helped a platoon of Marines improve their combat performance and behavior. Before being trained, they were the worst performing and worst behaving platoon in their battalion but as a result of our training 10 weeks later they were rated by their superiors to be the best platoon in their battalion. 

In order to test the validity of our technology the USMC ran a controlled study with a group of 30 seasoned Marine instructors from the regimental school. The study showed that the American Institute was able to improve marksmanship by almost 10% in a classroom setting while specifically excluding all rifle range practice!


Kevin Kane - Trader Victor Chears
Carol Lockwood - Dentist  
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Uncontrollable behavior Mild Learning Difficulties
Special Education Attention Deficit Disorder

Trauma - Brain Damage: Birth, Tumor,
Surgery, Accidents

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