Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

Cognitive Assessment Tools

If you want to think better, perform better and enjoy your life more, this assessment and training approach is for you.  So keep reading!!

Our revolutionary assessment tools measure the basic thinking skills of the mind upon which all thinking depends.  If we are inefficient in one or more of these skills, it affects our success at school, at work, in sports, in relationships and in our behavior.  Our assessment tells us where you are inefficient and how you can improve these inefficiencies.  

The American Institute is the only company in the United States with this unique approach to improving these skills. 

These valuable tools enable people to use their brain more effectively and to create lives they wish to have.  As we know more about how our brain works, it frees us to create more successfully in our lives.  It is very exciting.  We at the Institute love our work as we see miracles happening every day with our clients.

The assessment includes a cognitive profile of the person taking the test, a prescription of what the person should do to improve as well as a one hour consultation with a member of the Institute.

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