Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

Critical Thinking is The Competitive Edge in Business Today

The ability of your business's employees to creatively and effectively think is the one remaining competitive advantage that your business can have in today's competitive market. Research shows that the majority of business owners and their employees are only 20 to 60% effective in their thinking and planning processes. Therefore, the businesses that develop their critical thinking skills have a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace. The American Institute of Learning and Cognitive Development can help business owners gain that competitive advantage with break-through training of their greatest assets, the minds of themselves and of their employees.

The results of such training are huge and the process of training is fast and relatively inexpensive.

Examples of results our clients have achieved are as follows:

• New business reached $48M in sales in 5 years.
• New business in the fashion industry reached over $10M in sales in 3 years.
• A commodity broker made more in 1 month than he did in his previous best year.
• A custom software company which was stuck at $2M for 5 years are now at over $20M.
• Golfer after 30 years of golf shot an 82 when his previous best was 92.
• Took the worse platoon in a U.S. Marine Corps battalion(There are 15 platoons in a battalion) and in ten weeks of our training they were the best platoon plus their behavior improved dramatically.
• Dramatically improved marksmanship of Marines without their needing to go to the rifle range.
• Helped new attorneys pass the Bar Exam and doctors pass their board certifications.

We can share many more examples with you as well.

The training process is a quick and easy one. Usually the process will take as little as 3 to 4 months meeting weekly. We begin with an assessment of 14 basic training skills that are the foundation of our ability to think creatively and to get great quality results with our actions. With the use of our assessment process we can design the training process that is needed to address the specific training needs of our clients. We not only help improve the efficiency of any thinking skill that is inefficient, but we also teach the person how to think about their own thinking process so that they are able to get the most from the thinking they do on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in knowing more about this incredible process, please contact us for a complimentary meeting to see if there is a right fit.

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