Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

1. Assessment
We start by assessing an individual’s functional cognitive skills. The assessment gives the American Institute's cognitive specialists an inventory of a client’s thinking skill levels.

The assessment takes 2 to 3 hours. Part of the assessment is a questionnaire. The next part is a series of non-verbal tests to evaluate 14 specific skills. Each test takes 1 to 15 minutes; most are 3 to 6 minutes. Many clients find the tests to be stimulating and fun.

2. Design
From the assessment, we are able to design and initiate a series of daily exercises to address any inefficiency in an individual’s thinking and performance.

3. Measurement / Evaluation
Within two weeks we meet with clients to go through a written evaluation in great detail. The evaluation outlines cognitive strengths and weaknesses, including a plan to remedy any inefficiencies.

4. Implementation
Usually, a client meets with a cognitive specialist once a week to assess progress and learn new exercises to raise efficiency to higher levels.

5. Extension
Some commence 3-6 months of effort, happy with changes and leave it. Others come back when they wish to progress to a higher level and undertake another phase of training. Like physical conditioning, it is useful to continue to stimulate our minds on a regular basis.

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