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Jack Wright, a Senior Partner, has more than 30 years experience achieving uncommon results as an executive by shaping talented executives into innovative leaders and creating high-performance teams.

Educated in economics at Fordham University and with a graduate degree in business policy from Columbia, Jack moved from sales and sales management of tangible products for 3M and The Mennen Company to lead in marketing the more complex financial products that are now used daily throughout the world.

More than two decades ago, as Vice President of New Product Implementation for Chase Manhattan Bank, Jack created and implemented strategic plans for marketing treasury products, accelerating new product introductions and aggressively pursuing new sales opportunities, resulting in more than 35 new products introduced in record-breaking time with strong revenue results. Later, in a similar position at Chemical Bank, he created global standards for a single worldwide training system to network trading positions in New York, Tokyo, Geneva, and London.

In 1987, Jack moved into the credit card industry, first for MasterCard, then for CNA. As President of the Travelers Cheque Division at MasterCard, he increased sales by 38% in one year and simultaneously reduced operating costs by 17% by redesigning core business, financial, and administrative processes. He then expanded the business globally and negotiated its sale to Thomas Cook. At CNA where Jack was Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Risk Management Group, in one six-month period, he increased new customer acquisition by 400% and then designed a PC-based business proposal system that tailored customer proposals to both industry and product.

In 1996, Jack entered the dot com arena for an internet start up. He developed a unique marketing plan to introduce DoxIt™, a means of safely and securely transmitting information across the Internet, for Netdox. He also consulted with Progressive Coatings Technologies, Inc. to develop their business strategy and marketing plan for advanced technology start-up.

As a student of cognitive psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate level, Jack has grown to understand its substantial contribution in business and has practiced its application for more than 30 years during his business career. In 1997, after significant additional formal training, Jack switched his emphasis from building high performance executive teams to applying cognitive psychology in business for clients to raise the performance of their executives.

Jack contributes his expertise in cognitive/behavioral change for executives and executive teams, as well as in new product development and marketing. He is a major contributor to The American Institute’s projects and clients. The American Institute of Learning and Cognitive Development, Inc. is a leader in the field of human capital assessment and development.

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