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REMEDIATION RESULTS - Corporate Compliance
Success Rate Areas of Difficulty Results Achievements
Businesses fined $1 – 10 million for regulatory compliance breaches Designed and assisted conducting a cognitive audit identifying the risk level of each employee A corporation repeatedly fined $5 million or more a year. Random breaches among 7,000 employees. Company felt powerless to avoid new breaches despite embedding compliant behavior into work place procedures.
  Difficulty achieving regulatory compliance while maintaining efficient work strategies and practices Employees engage in cognitive improvement reducing regulatory risk, or modify individuals’ roles/work practices AILCD audit employees in positions of greatest risk. These were targeted for improvement. In one year fines decreased to $989,000, the next year, $0.
    Most employees seek development to maintain role and reduce corporate/personal liability A strong culture developed, where each individual became responsible for those around them, ensuring all were compliant

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