Improve your thinking with Cognitive training
REMEDIATION RESULTS - Mild Learning Difficulties
Success Rate Areas of Difficulty Results Achievements
Struggling to maintain moderate success at school Develop organization skills Improved students score in the top 10% in state examinations
  Daily activities overwhelming Develop concentration strategies by creating precise thought pathways Students not succeeding partially rejected therapy approach. Most eventually accept core remedial concepts and improve.
  Beginning to withdraw Improve memory skills as concentration increases  
  Giving up and developing learned passive behaviors inhibiting cognitive and emotional development

Improve comprehension:

  • Recognize text structure and patterns
  • Understand relationship of ideas

Difficulty with:

  • Concentration
  • Comprehension
  • Writing skills
  • Memory skills
  • Concept building
Improve writing skills  
    Structure thought in language rather than just data  
    Elevate neurological operational speed  
    Develop concept building  
    Improve understanding improves of how to think in multiple thought frameworks rather than in ad hoc meandering thought patterns  

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