Improve your thinking with Cognitive training
REMEDIATION RESULTS - Trauma: Physical Brain Damage
Success Rate Areas of Difficulty Results Achievements
Brain damage suppresses cognition

Suppressed cognition:

  • Basic cognitive function improves
Clients make significant improvement and maximize the quality of their life
  Speech and communication difficulties

Speech and communication difficulties:

  • Communication improves even though speech may still be affected
  • Tumor surgery: Complete memory restoration. Able to learn and study. Continued university career despite contrary medical predictions.
  Motor dysfunction

Motor dysfunction:

  • Improvement to date is much faster than through mainstream methods
  • Stroke: Originally placed in a nursing home confined to a wheelchair. Within weeks, walking with the aid of a cane.
  Social inadequacies

Social inadequacies:

  • Regain personal freedom of choice that has often been removed from them because of their disabilities
  • Birth damage: Unable to speak coherently. Considered impossible to educate. Trained and employed as a chef. Obtained a motorbike license.

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