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REMEDIATION RESULTS - Uncontrollable Behavior
Success Rate Areas of Difficulty Results Achievements
75% Very impulsive
  • Control impulsivity through personal strategy development
  • University entrance

Antisocial behaviour:

  • Abusive
  • Physically desructive
  • Redirect destructive energies into creative activities
  • Score 80’s and 90’s in each subject in HSC
  Expelled from school, fired from job
  • Develop strong strategic planning skills
  • Accepted into school after repeated expulsions
  Severe cases are borderline criminals
  • Residual concentration problems improve with self directed strategies that increase concentration over time
  • Complete successful year in a regular curriculum

Problem areas:

  • Planning
  • Goal setting
  • Sequential concentration
  • Learning and studying at TAFE. Formerly unable to learn
  • Meaningful employment after repeatedly fired from jobs due to impulsive temper. Reading and writing effectively.
  • Clients failing to improve are unwilling to commit themselves to the exercises. One committed suicide; another had a nervous breakdown and is now considered an invalid; another progressed into taking drugs.

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